Ultimate Smoker’s Buying Guide

Where do you go to find your next glass pipes or bongs for sale? Some run-of-the mill online headshop? What if you want something unique, like a gas mask or a vaporizer? What if you aren’t familiar with every smoking product out there, and you want some basic information on how it works – or more importantly, an answer to the question: “is it for me?”

The internet has thousands of different sites for smokers that can bog you down for hours without ever helping you find what you’re looking for. Thankfully, we’re not that kind of online headshop.

We’re here to help you find exactly what you’re looking for, at the best price possible.

If you know everything there is to know about the different features, benefits, and price ranges of each and every piece out there – then start by checking out our awesome Smoker’s Buying Guide below to find what you’re looking for. Then check out some of the other cool resources on our site that the Guide links to.

If you are someone who doesn’t know the difference between a one-hitter and a hookah, then check out the Smoker’s Buying Guide below AND THEN keep reading underneath it to understand the major differences between bongs, glass pipes, and more!

ImageCategoryTypesAdvantagesPrice Range
Bongs For SaleGlass, Ceramic, Metal, Acrylic, Mini, Gas MasksDurable
Fun for sharing
Head turning designs
Glass Pipes for SaleGlass, One Hitters, Water Pipes, Hash Pipes, Glass BubblersDiscreet
VaporizersPortable, Handheld, Vaporizer Pipes, Personal VaporizersEfficient
Smoke Free
Hookah PipesMini Hookahs, Portable Hookahs, Hookah HosesSocial Benefits
Tastes Better


What are bongs?

Here at the Smoker Supply Shop we highlight tons of awesome bongs for sale – but what if you have no idea what they are and why they are so commonly used? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back!


If you have never used one before, they are awesome for a number of reasons, here are the top few:

–      Similar to a hookah, but smaller and much more portable!

–      Holds water in the base to filter and cool the smoke

–      Has a carburetor that helps shoot smoke into your lungs

–      Makes a great party piece!


There are some disadvantages you should carefully consider as well, such as:

–      Usually cost more than most pieces

–      Are less portable and discreet than pipes

–      Burns more of your product, faster

Different Types

Sweet for all different levels of smoker, check out some of the ones we have on this site:

–      Cheap Bongs – all for less than $50

–      Acrylic Bongs – cheap, durable, and super fun

–      Cheap Glass Bongs – get glass without going broke

–      Ice Bong – cools your smoke as you inhale

–      Mini Bong – portable, effective, mini

–      Ceramic Bong – crazy shapes and sizes

–      Gas Mask Bong for Sale – turn heads at every party

–      Metal Bongs – the most durable and basic

–      Glass Gravity Bong – go hard or go home


What are pipes?

One of the most commonly used smoking device out there, glass pipes have been used by almost any smoker that’s been doing it for a while. Not you? Check out some more info on them below.


Glass Pipes have tons of advantages, some of the biggest ones include:

–      Extremely lightweight and portable

–      Discreet

–      Easy to use and maintain

–      Cheaper than most other pieces


Every good thing has to have some bad traits, here are some:

–      Easy to lose

–      Smaller bowls (requires more frequent loading)

–      Can get hot to the touch

Different Types

These are great for the on-the-go smoker, or the ones who want to be low-profile about what they are doing. Interested in more? Check out some of the ones we’ve highlighted on the pages below:

–      Cheap Pipes

–      Water Pipes for Sale

–      Cheap Glass Pipes

–      One Hitter Pipe


What are Vaporizers?

Now we’re getting a bit more technical and fancy with our devices. These nifty tools heats up your product so much, its active ingredients become VAPOR. If you breezed through the last two categories, but don’t know much about vaporizers, read on.


Vaporizers have some very interesting advantages; check out some of the ones we’ve listed:

–       Some believe this is better for you as you are inhaling vapor, not smoke

–      Controlled odor (don’t worry about the neighbors calling the cops again)

–      Don’t need to use as much product to feel the effect


Some of the major disadvantages include:

–      Can be very expensive compared to other pieces

–      Can be tricky to figure out how to use for some smokers

–      Not very portable, at all

Different Types

If you are a more advanced smoker, and have a little extra cash, a vaporizer is an awesome choice. If you want to learn a little more, check out some of the ones we cover:

–      Handheld Vaporizer

–      Vaporizer Pipe

–      Personal Vaporizer

–      Portable Vaporizer

–      Best Portable Vaporizer


What are Hookahs?

Probably the most advanced and complex of all pieces listed so far, hookahs are great for smokers with enough interest to learn how to use them properly. They work similar to other pieces, but require water, hoses, and usually charcoal to operate.


The best things about hookahs are:

–      Great for social settings (due to multiple hoses and a centered piece)

–      Product is vaporized, not burned, for a cleaner smoke

–      Can taste very good with the right mixture of ingredients


Some of the things you should carefully consider include:

–      Can be very expensive

–      Very complex and hard for beginners to use and maintain

–      Can be a hassle to pull out, set up, use, and put away

Different Types

Obviously meant for the more sophisticated smoker, hookahs are still great options that are fun to use. Check out some of our related pages:

–      Mini Hookahs

–      Portable Hookah

–      Cheap Hookahs for sale

–      Hookah Hoses


Hopefully this guide has been helpful in identifying which piece is right for you and then educated you a bit more about all of your options. Please share this resource with any one you know that’s looking for glass pipes, bongs, or any other sweet new piece. Also let them know that the Smokers Supply Shop is the best online headshop around!