Acrylic Bongs

With all the different materials out there today, it’s hard to determine which type is the best to smoke out of. Time and time again, acrylic bongs seem to be a smoker’s favorite. These are affordable, colorful, durable, and super fun to smoke from.

Most of these will cost you less than $50 and will last you a very long time! Below is a list of some awesome acrylic bongs, along with their rating and price:

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pb175 Acrylic Bongs

 Acrylic Water Pipe Fluorescent

pb130 Acrylic Bongs

 Acryl Female Bong Rasta

ST11 Acrylic Bongs

 Acryl bong clear

pb171 Acrylic Bongs

 Acryl bong clear

st31 Acrylic Bongs

 Acryl bong clear

pb2 Acrylic Bongs

 Acrylic Water Pipe Colored

st3 Acrylic Bongs

 Acryl bong colored

pb 006 Acrylic Bongs

 Acrylic Cylinder Water Pipe - Colored - 26cm

pb15 Acrylic Bongs

 Acrylic Water Pipe Colored

pb11 Acrylic Bongs

 Acrylic Water Pipe Colored

pb20 Acrylic Bongs

 Acrylic Water Pipe Colored

st6 Acrylic Bongs

 Acrylic Water Pipe Colored

pb19 Acrylic Bongs

 Acrylic Water Pipe Colored

pb5 Acrylic Bongs

 Acryl bong colored

st84 Acrylic Bongs

 Acryl bong colored

st2 Acrylic Bongs

 Acryl bong colored

st22 Acrylic Bongs

 Acryl bong double colored

st23 Acrylic Bongs

 Acryl bong double colored

st15 Acrylic Bongs

 Acryl bong fluorescent

st85 Acrylic Bongs

 Acryl bong fluorescent

st35 Acrylic Bongs

 Acryl bong fluorescent

pb165 Acrylic Bongs

 Acryl bong fluorescent

bo7 Acrylic Bongs

 Acrylic Bong with Twisted Tube - 50mm Diameter

pb8 Acrylic Bongs

 Acrylic Bong with Twisted Tube - 38mm Diameter

ph13 Acrylic Bongs

 Acrylic 4-Hoser Sphere Small

jjpl01 Acrylic Bongs

 Acrylic Bong

jjpl08 Acrylic Bongs

 Acrylic Bong

jjpl13 Acrylic Bongs

 Acrylic Bong

jjpl12 Acrylic Bongs

 Acrylic Bong

jjpl02 Acrylic Bongs

 Acrylic Bong

jjpl23 Acrylic Bongs

 Acrylic Bong

jjpl04 Acrylic Bongs

 Acrylic Bong

jjpl03 Acrylic Bongs

 Acrylic Bong

ph17 Acrylic Bongs

 Acrylic Hoser Sphere

jjpl44 Acrylic Bongs

 Acrylic bong with bend - transparent blue

jjpl62 Acrylic Bongs

 Acrylic ice bong 4 colors striped

jjpl67 Acrylic Bongs

 Acrylic ice bong colored sticks

pl65a Acrylic Bongs

 Harlequin Pattern Acrylic Water Pipe

jjpl60 Acrylic Bongs

 Acrylic ice bong with spikes

jjpl50 Acrylic Bongs

 Acrylic waterpipe - black with reservoir

jjpl52 Acrylic Bongs

 Acrylic bong- 3 color double reservoir

jjpl54 Acrylic Bongs

 Acrylic waterpipe - special reservoir

pb094 097 Acrylic Bongs

 Illuma Liquid LED Bong

tb016 Acrylic Bongs

 Tattoo Acrylic Bong - 4 fluorescent colors

tb015 Acrylic Bongs

 Tattoo Acrylic Bong - Clear

pb1c Acrylic Bongs

 Acryl bong clear

pb 016 Acrylic Bongs

 Acrylic Bubble Base Bong - Colored - 18cm

pb3 Acrylic Bongs

 Acrylic Water Pipe Colored

pb 010 Acrylic Bongs

 Acrylic Bubble Base Water Pipe - Colored - 18cm

pb17 Acrylic Bongs

 Acryl bong colored

st32 Acrylic Bongs

 Acrylic Water Pipe Colored Extra Large Special

pb105 Acrylic Bongs

 Acryl bong fluorescent

ph14 Acrylic Bongs

 Acrylic 4-Hoser 2 Spheres Large

jjpl06 Acrylic Bongs

 Acrylic Bong

jjpl14 Acrylic Bongs

 Acrylic Bong

jjpl26 Acrylic Bongs

 Acrylic Bong

jjpl69 Acrylic Bongs

 Acrylic ice bong black with spikes

jjhk4117 Acrylic Bongs

 Acrylic waterpipe - American little train

jjpl42 Acrylic Bongs

 Acrylic waterpipe 4 color striped

tb001 Acrylic Bongs

 Tattoo Acrylic Bong - Clear


Our Top Picks - Click here for hundreds of more options



Different Types of Acrylic Bongs

There are many different variations to choose from, some of these are below:

Acrylic Ice Bong

As with all other ice bongs, these allow you to place ice in the chamber to cool the smoke. This is less harsh on your mouth and throat and can be a great extra feature to have – especially if you want to have a healthier smoking experience. These are a little more expensive than regular ones, but you should be able to get a great one for less than $50 still.


These are sweet pieces also because they cool the smoke with a different strategy. Instead of using ice, they feature two or more chambers that the smoke has to go through before entering your mouth. This extra distance gives the smoke more time to cool before reaching your lungs. Multi-chamber bongs are always a head turner and you can get some head-turning designs for a great price.


Ever smoke in the dark? Some people love it, some people don’t. For those who do, these bongs glow in the dark giving you a better piece to work with, click here to see how it works.  These usually aren’t much more expensive than regular ones and can be a great grab for those interested.


Got a few people over? It may be time to whip out the communal acrylic bongs and have an even better party. These have multiple tubes for your whole party to inhale from without having to share the same mouth piece.


If your friends always seem to drop their pieces, it may be time to invest in a grip bong. These bad boys offer additional grip support so dropping becomes harder to do. You can find a lot of these for under $30.


The bubble design allows for more water volume for a better smoking experience. These have a large noticeable bubble at the base of the bong making them look different than regular ones, but have a pretty similar price tag attached to them.