Cheap Pipes

Don’t get us wrong, we love bongs, but we also have a soft spot in our heart for cheap pipes as well. You just can’t go wrong with such a mobile, affordable, and effective way to smoke. Below is our Top Picks of different ones for sale. Under the top picks is a brief intro to the different types we review on this site and why you should care!

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misp106 Cheap Pipes

 Acrylic pipe

misp105 Cheap Pipes

 Acrylic pipe

pp001 Cheap Pipes

 Acrylic spiral pipe

pp004 Cheap Pipes

 Acrylic spiral pipe

jjwp11 Cheap Pipes

 Bamboo Pure Pipe

jjwp12 Cheap Pipes

 Bamboo Pure Pipe

jjwp14 Cheap Pipes

 Bamboo Pure Pipe

jjsp291 Cheap Pipes

 Bracelet Pipe

jjbr27 Cheap Pipes

 Brazil glass pipe

1193 Cheap Pipes

 Cannabuds Pipe - Don Cannabinol

1188 Cheap Pipes

 Cannabuds Pipe - Rasta

1190 Cheap Pipes

 Cannabuds Pipe - Skinner

1194 Cheap Pipes

 Cannabuds Pipe - The Doctor

1189 Cheap Pipes

 Cannabuds Pipe - The Twins

jjsp03 Cheap Pipes

 Ceramic & Wood Pipe

jjsp06 Cheap Pipes

 Ceramic & Wood Pipe

jjsp05 Cheap Pipes

 Ceramic Guitar Pipe

kb015 Cheap Pipes

 Ceramic Hand Pipe

hp28 Cheap Pipes

 Ceramic handpipe dark Alien

pgm Cheap Pipes

 Ceramic pipe medium with leaf

jk b2 Cheap Pipes

 Glass Taster Pipe - Silver Fumed with Color Dots

jk b1 Cheap Pipes

 Glass Taster Pipe - Silver Fumed with Color Work

3311 Cheap Pipes

 Coloured glass pipe

jjsp281 Cheap Pipes

 Conical Pipe Brass

jjsp11 Cheap Pipes

 Cool Clay Metal Pipe

jjgl181 Cheap Pipes

 Liquid Freezer Vaporizing Glass Handpipe

misp 039 new 1 Cheap Pipes

 Electric Pipe Deluxe

1195 Cheap Pipes

 Funguys Pipe - WLP21

1196 Cheap Pipes

 Funguys Pipe - WLP22

1197 Cheap Pipes

 Funguys Pipe - WLP23

1199 Cheap Pipes

 Funguys Pipe - WLP25

g9 Cheap Pipes

 Glass Bong - Hand Model

3310 Cheap Pipes

 Glass Sand Blasted Shabong

ggl9 Cheap Pipes

 Glass pipe

1088 Cheap Pipes

 Glass pipe

jjgl184 Cheap Pipes

 Glasspipe Traveller 2

1125 Cheap Pipes

 Large rainbow pipe

0159 Cheap Pipes

 Long Acrylic Tulip Pipe
$List 10.22 Our 8.50 You save: $1.72

jjid961 Cheap Pipes

 Long Wood & Stone Pipe

misp365 Cheap Pipes

 Magnetic Credit Card Pipe

4195 Cheap Pipes

 Medium Coloured Glass Pipe Dragon

4190 Cheap Pipes

 Medium Coloured Glass Pipe Snake

jjhk106 Cheap Pipes

 Metal & Acrylic Pipe

jjhk1076 Cheap Pipes

 Metal & Acrylic Pipe

jjhk115 Cheap Pipes

 Metal & Acrylic Pipe

pp003 Cheap Pipes

 Acrylic spiral pipe

jjwp13 Cheap Pipes

 Bamboo Pure Pipe

1191 Cheap Pipes

 Cannabuds Pipe - Bubblez

1192 Cheap Pipes

 Cannabuds Pipe - Sloth

jjsp01 Cheap Pipes

 Ceramic & Wood Pipe

kb012 Cheap Pipes

 Ceramic Hand Pipe

db b1 Cheap Pipes

 Glass Taster Pipe - Gold Fumed

jjsp280 Cheap Pipes

 Conical Pipe Chrome

3030 Cheap Pipes

 Extra large glass shabong

1198 Cheap Pipes

 Funguys Pipe - WLP24

2120 Cheap Pipes

 Glass bong handmodel

jjwa30 Cheap Pipes

 Joint Pipe

jjid963 Cheap Pipes

 Long Wood Pure Pipe

jjhk107 Cheap Pipes

 Metal & Acrylic Pipe

jjhk117 Cheap Pipes

 Metal & Acrylic Water Pipe

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There are thousands of different pieces you can choose from, coming in different sizes, material, price ranges, and more. Some of the most popular types of pipes include:



The most popular material used for pipes, high quality glass offers a lot of benefits. First off, the heat resistance allows you to burn your bowl for hours without burning your hands or mouth. Secondly, the transparency allows you to see what you’re smoking in an interesting way that other materials don’t allow. Finally, glass can be shaped into jaw-dropping designs and shapes that can be done otherwise. Glass pieces are usually more expensive than other material and can usually be picked up for $20-$60. Feel free to check out our full selection of cheap glass pipes.


One Hitter

These are the perfect pieces for smokers that want to be discreet when smoking in public, or only want to pack enough for one hit. They are extremely mobile and (as mentioned above) discreet. One hitters are frequently mistaken for cigarettes because of their size and shape (and sometimes even paint and design). You can get a basic one for under $10, but for closer to $50 you can get glass one hitters with unique designs and features. Hit up this page if you want to know more about the one hitter pipe.


Water Pipes

One of the more interesting looking pieces out there, most of these have a small bubbler base with a thinner mouth piece. They allow you to put water in the bubbler (as the name suggests) to cool down and filter the smoke a bit before it hits your lungs. Although not as effective as a full size bong, these little buggers are great for mobility and ease of use. Check out this page to find out more about them and see some extra special ones water pipes for sale that we have reviewed.



Great for durability and affordability, metal pipes are a great option. Metal does conduct heat, and quickly burn your fingers, but finding a piece with a grip on it (made of rubber, wood, etc.) can definitely help. Some of these also include interchangeable parts and chambers for storage. These are much cheaper than the glass alternative, and can usually be picked up for under $25 (some under $10!).



Wooden pipes have an old school look to them but are still great for the smokers of today. These are usually made from hardwood and because of that can be very durable. Most wood pieces can be found under $10, making them extremely cheap pipes!



If you’re looking for a piece with a cool design, but you’re not willing to spend the extra cash for a glass one, ceramic pipes may be exactly what you’re looking for! Most of these will cost you less than $25 and come in head turning designs that are fun to smoke from. If you’ve ever seen a piece in a crazy shape (skull, naked woman, dragon, etc.) it was most likely a ceramic one.