One Hitter Pipe

Looking for something mobile and easy to use whenever you need something quick? A one hitter pipe is definitely worth checking out. Below we list some of the highest rated available in our Interactive Chart, and then explain why you should consider a one-hitter as your next piece.

Top 12 – Head here for many more options!

Top 12 – Head here for many more options!


Why Buy?

You should always think long and hard about the piece you are about to buy and determine what use it has. These particular ones are great for many reasons and should definitely be considered by all smokers. Below are some of the top reasons why:

–   Discreetness

  • Most of these are very small and very discreet – intentionally. This allows you to take them with you wherever you go and not have to worry about other people judging you or finding out what you have on you. Many are even designed to look like cigarettes, or flashlights, in order to add an additional level of discreetness.

–   Frugalness

  • Okay, that may sound like a weird advantage, but hear us out. If you are around a group of friends (or just one friend) that want to smoke whatever it is you have – you can run out quick! The best defense to drooling friends is a piece with a very small bowl so that you only need to share a tiny part of your product.

–   Price

  • Because these are designed to be so small, the price of most of them is very low. There are definitely some exceptions to the rule (especially when they are glass and made to look like something extraordinary) but in general these are cheap and can be snagged for less than $20.

–          Simplicity

  • These are by far the easiest pieces to use and clean. While some others (like bongs and hookahs) require you to disassemble and clean thoroughly, these bad boys allow you to do it with extreme ease. Never deal with a stinky piece again.


So if you’re in need of something cheap, mobile, and discreet – a great one hitter pipe is definitely your best option. We hope this guide helps you on your smoking journey, if you want to check out some more options just head on over to our page that has all kinds of cheap pipes!

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