Cheap Hookahs for Sale

Hookahs are a great option for many smokers and can be fun for anyone to use. They are originally from India and have gained widespread fame across the world. Some of these have single hoses or multiple hoses for smoking from – which can be great for large parties. Unfortunately it can be hard to find cheap hookahs for sale because most are very high quality and cost a lot of money. Lucky for you we have done some extra searching and found some awesome cheap hookahs for sale under $100:


Mini Hookah – $15.75

This mini hookah is by far the least expensive of all hookahs. Its compact size (of just about 8 inches in height) costs much less than regular standing ones but give you some of the same effects. These offer a detachable hose and chain attached lid – just like most regular size ones.

Worthy Trust Coloured Glass – $29.93

This is a great price on a small sized hookah. It has thick glass and a small hose to smoke from. If you’re just looking for an affordable hookah to start out with, this is a great pick.

Kaya Shisha Frosted Glass Base – $32.00

At an awesome price of $32, this piece offers a great design and an excellent value. It stands almost 19 inches tall and has frosted glass base. The hose are blue and made from leather, with end pieces made of natural wood.

Shisha Waterpipe for Cigarettes – $42.50

If you’re just looking for a hookah to smoke cigarettes from, this is the perfect option for you. It has one small detachable hose attached to it for easy smoking and storage.

High-Life Saturn – $47.25

Standing at 26 inches tall, this is a good sized hookah for the price. It has a single hose and a glass bubble base that gives it a traditional look.

Kaya Shisha Crossfader 2.4 – $84.23

Definitely the highest quality piece we could find under $100 and it doesn’t disappoint. It stands almost 19 inches tall and has a glass base with a glazed ceramic bowl. The black leather hose with wood end pieces make a great finishing design touch.

The list above consisted of the best cheap hookahs for sale we could find, if you’re looking for a higher quality one at a higher cost, check out some of the ones we listed below: